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(function() { 'use strict'; /* jshint browser: true */ /**********************These are the editable values***********************************/ var yr=2017; /* year value */ var mo=7; /* month value */ var da=6; /* day value */ var hr=0; /* hours value */ var mn=0; /* minutes value */ var sc=0; /* seconds value */ var ltr='One year ahead'; /* heading text for event*/ var msg='Are you still here?'; /* heading text for event date reached */ var afr='The event has passed'; /* heading text for after event */ /*************************************************************************************/ var obj,el,now,nwy,nwm,nwd,nwh,nwmn,nws,nwstr,ltrstr,dd,ddy,dhr,dmn,dsc,si; var d=document; var mos=['January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August','September','October','November','December']; var dys=(60*60*1000*24); var hrs=(60*60*1000); var mns=(60*1000); function countdown(){ obj=d.getElementById('wrapper'); el=d.getElementById('event'); el.firstChild.nodeValue=ltr; d.getElementById('date').firstChild.nodeValue=mos[mo-1]+' '+da+', '+yr; now=new Date(); nwy=now.getUTCFullYear(); nwm=now.getMonth(); nwd=now.getDate(); nwh=now.getHours(); nwmn=now.getMinutes(); nws=now.getSeconds(); nwstr=mos[nwm]+' '+nwd+', '+nwy+' '+nwh+':'+nwmn+':'+nws; ltrstr=mos[mo-1]+' '+da+', '+yr+' '+hr+':'+mn+':'+sc; dd=Date.parse(ltrstr)-Date.parse(nwstr); ddy=Math.floor(dd/dys*1); dhr=Math.floor((dd%dys)/hrs*1); dmn=Math.floor(((dd%dys)%hrs)/mns*1); dsc=Math.floor((((dd%dys)%hrs)%mns)/1000*1); if((ddy<=0)&&(dhr<=0)&&(dmn<=0)&&(dsc<=1)&&(nws